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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jaime Carr and I'm a Front End Web Developer, Web Designer, Graphic Artist and sometimes Photographer. I've been involved in Web Design and Web Development for over 13 years. My intent initially was to be a web developer / programmer analyst, but I'm an artist and the more I began to dip into Graphic Art, the more I grew to really love that aspect of the web. With out a doubt I've found this to be rewarding and addicting. I'm always looking for new ways to accomplish the same tasks. The more I know the better I can serve my clients, and in the end the more I learn. Learning keeps me young and happy.

I started my company Web Feet Graphics to serve the small business owner's need to be on the Web. I've found most people don't have time to really think about the web and I've found that I can easily, without really having to train them, solve their problems. They are only happy to just have a website. If I can get traffic to their site and keep their customers interested long enough to get the customer in the door, then my client is happy. The challenge isn't really to just give them a website, but to give them something that will last years. To give them a design that outlasts the latest fad. If they want the latest fad, that is fine, but some just want to have a site and forget about it, those sites need to be sustainable. I'm all about allowing the client make their own decisions, but with my guided expertise.

My goals are simple to help you be successful on the web. Provide you with guidance in listing with Search Engines as well as other technologies like driving leads, MLS search integrations, Shopping Carts and POS Transactions. Finally, stretching my design and graphic artist wings. I would enjoy working for you to give you a successful productive website. Feel free to contact me at webfeetgraphics@gmail.com. I'll be looking forward to it.

Jaime E Carr

Owner of Web Feet Graphics "WFG"

Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.
~ David McCullough